Architectural and construction office «Spetsmedproject» was founded in partnership with company Dentex. The main goal is to implement multifaceted approach during the work with medical objects of various profile and level of complexity. The core activity is to project documentation development (rough design and development phase, contract documents phase) regarding maintenance of construction activity, redesign or rebuilding of capital construction projects throughout regions of the Russian Federation.

LLC «Spetsmedproject» in cooperation with partner companies offers works and services, inclusive of full cycle of object creation from the ground up: constructional design; construction / installation activities; delivery, arrangement and maintenance service of equipment; following of agreement on replanning and rearrangement of placement; support in receiving Safety and Health Certificate, medical licensing; consultation services and supervision of work flow.

We successfully realized private and government projects in the last few years:

  • «Клиника Семейная» (Klinika Semeynaya);
  • «Потяев Ортодонтикс» (Potyayev Ortodontics);
  • «ГРАНД-Клиник» (Grand Clinic);
  • «Дантистофф» (DentistoFF);
  • «3Д-Диагностика» (ZD-Diagnistics);
  • «Жемчужина» (The Pearl);
  • «US Dental» (US Dental);
  • «Голливуд» (Hollywood);
  • ЦКБ УДП (Department of Presidential Affairs, central clinical hospital);
  • ФГБУ «Поликлиника детская» (Federal state budgetary institution «child health center»);
  • ФГБУ «Больница с поликлиникой» (Federal state budgetary institution «child health center» Hospital and clinic);
  • cross functional health care center in Yekaterinburg etc.

We improve our qualification by state institutions, licenses and certificates:

  1. Clearance certificate № 0219.01-2015-7709954137-П-183 – permit for a determinate type works, that have an impact on safety of major construction work (design and construction);
  2. Clearance certificate №Л.000041.05.15 – license for allocation of the ionizing radiation resources, designing of the radio shielding constructions for these resources.

We gained a positive reputation and confidence of our clients and partners as a result of our innovative approach in solving space-planning and utility problems, partnership with leading global producers.

Our advantages:

  • Officially. We have all necessary access documents (certificate of SRO and other certificates, licenses), that can be presented to supervisory departments or used during construction and installation work and facility commissioning.
  • Complex approach. We keep our client throughout all process, from the beginning to the final works. You don’t need additory executives – we will do all work perfectly.
  • Flexible conditions. An opportunity to order services separately.
  • Discounts for complex orders or purchase of equipment.

Quality. We work only with high-educated staff. High-educated professional engineers, project designers, technical support engineers, constructors are our great workforce. Combined with our great experience we achieves the best results in short time.

Short terms. Due to simultaneous performance of separate stages of works and the correct organization of process, we reaches reduction of total term of complex work performance.